“Thank you for your product without it I don’t know where I would be!!!  When I first found out the news was devastating and like anyone else I started thinking how can I still do my job. Still to this day, I can say that because of your product I am still able to do my every day functions as a police officer.

– Robert Kimbrough

I just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product. After my husband’s surgery four years ago, he bought two belts from another company, but he was experiencing leaks which made him afraid to go places and do things such as ride his motorcycle. He needed to have a complete change of clothing with him when he went somewhere, in case he had a leak. He has been using Ostomy Armor for a couple of years now, and now he doesn’t have leaks. What a relief! Thanks again!

– Barbara M

In 8 days I had no failures, no issues, no problems. I cannot tell you the last  time I’ve gone 8 days without any kind of problems, leaks, etc etc. I had a great week with everything doing its job perfectly! We were sweaty, dirty, climbing in, around, over, under, pushing, pulling, leaning on repeatedly you name it and had no issues. I cannot recall the last time I went days without worrying about the damn wafer, bag, etc etc. For me this was a big return to my old normal.
Thanks so much for some great products!

– Bryan Cohn

My name is Dean, I am a Canadian Police Officer, father and husband. I live a very active lifestyle and like many people in my profession worked myself nearly to death. Being stubborn I ignored early warning signs and eventually fell very ill and was diagnosed with UC in 2017. The next full year was an extreme battle with the disease and my health deteriorated rapidly. I received emergency surgery to remove my colon in 2018 and ended up with an ileostomy. For a year of recovery I battled with my mental health and physical health under the weight of my world crashing down on me. While still in the early stages of recovery I discovered Ostomy Armor. I ordered one (Titanium Max) and started wearing it ASAP.  Wearing this product through my recovery boosted my confidence and allowed me to begin healing mentally allowing me to kick my physical fitness into high gear. 2019 I returned to work and have been since able to do the things  that are required of me in my profession as a police tactical team member. My Ostomy is a bit higher to allow me to wear my gun belt and wearing plates/body armor is no issue either.  Adapt and Overcome.

Thank you Ostomy Armor for making such a great product.

*My Ostomy Armour has meant I can go into any situation without having to worry about my stoma. I know I’m protected. Ed Rowland, front-line UK Police Officer

– UK Police

Paul Stewart lives a very active life, taking part in weight lifting, hunting and archery. He does all this without developing a hernia, thanks to Ostomy Armor. You may not lift massive weights or dogs, but think what you can do: return to work, or pick up groceries and children without worrying about a hernia.

– Paul Stewart, Weight Lifter

This past week I went backpacking for 30 miles in a remote section of Glacier National Park in Montana. I could not have done it without ostomy armor as my hip belt rides across the stoma! My armor has held up remarkably well in the three years I’ve had it. Thanks!

– J.B

Today I tested my titanium armor on another adventure! I went skydiving!! I thought that it would be impossible but today I went! It was the most exciting thing I have ever done in my life! Absolutely amazing! I am still feeling the adrenaline hours later! Thank you so much Ostomy Armor! This is amazing! You have helped me bring a dream to reality! Today was Awesome!

– Nathan Deas

I was hit broad side with a front (motorcycle) tire directly on the stoma. I was wearing my Titanium Ostomy Armor. My stoma was completely fine and I suffered no injuries. Thank you for the outstanding product!

– Nathan Deas

*Very pleased with my Ostomy Armor, as it’s allowed me to get back into the strength sports I love. I even managed to place first in a strong(wo)man competition, lifting 175# atlas stones safely thanks to your device. Lela K.

(Ostomy Armor had some follow-up questions regarding pressure points and hernias. Lela’s experience is below.)

I only wore the Ostomy Armour while I was actively working out/competing (training in both CrossFit and Strongman), so the issue of pressure ulcers never came up; however, I never had any friction marks from the Armour while I was wearing it.
Hernia: I have had no symptoms of hernia. I did limit some of my weights and movements – for example, I never lifted more than 80% of my pre-surgery back squat, and I avoid classic sit-ups. Being mindful of intra-abdominal pressure is still a factor: the Ostomy Armour provided useful feedback there. Lifting a 600# yoke, deadlifting a 350# barbell, or shouldering a 160# stone (as in my photo) were all safely within work capacity.

– Lela weight lifter

Good morning, I wanted to reach out to give my thoughts and experiences with your product. I purchased my Armor almost a year ago now after using other products that offered support for me but having a bit of a protruding stoma, no actual protection. I found your company online and was impressed with Mr. Scott’s background as I spent over 20 years in large city Law Enforcement ( Philadelphia PA). I suffered with Ulcerative Colitis for over 25 years sometimes being controlled or in remission but mostly not. In 2018 it became uncontrollable and I opted for a complete colon removal and became a fellow Ostomate.

Since I received your product I am more active than I have ever been without fear of damage to my ostomy. I swim, bike, and am involved in all of my kids activities without worry. I go places where I used to avoid due to crowds and again the fear of being bumped or ran into.

This one product has turned my life attitude around 360 degrees!!
I recently ran into a young lady at a DR appointment; she told me of her girlfriend who recently had an Ileostomy and was afraid to go anywhere due to self consciousness and was very depressed about it. After telling her about the product she contacted me and said she actually ordered one as a surprise for her friend who has now regained her pride and recently took a plane trip and was on a beach wearing the Armor. This paying forward has become my giveback for my renewed faith and health. I recommend your product to people I come in contact with that have the same issues and my wife who is a Cancer Center Nurse has also recommended it. You and your product SAVE LIVES.. be proud of what you have created and I personally want to say THANK YOU..

– Mark Stoots

Ostomy Armor exceeded my expectations in quality and comfort. The quality and the craftsmanship are amazing. I build power lines so my job is very physical with big heavy tools and materials. Wear a lot of different belts-climbing belts, fall arrest harness, normal tool belts. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with an ostomy for sure. #stoma #stomalife #ileostomynocolonstillrollinostomyarmor

– Ryan

Slowing down for nothing!
Stoma Noma(it’s name is Noma) has never been more ready for an adventure. Thanks a million Ostomy Armor!

– Madison Paris Waldbeiser

The Titanium Max is certainly the best product I have encountered so far Read More

– Jamie Mills

I recently purchased the Gen4 Titanium Max Armor and I absolutely love it! It’s very sturdy and super safe! I also bought the optional Cobra clip which turned out to be a fantastic decision! It’s amazingly reliable and yet very easy to open & close.
One of the greatest aspects of the Armor for me is that it really helps conceal my ostomy. (Just like in the video!) And it’s even more impressive considering the fact that I have a pretty large hernia (from lifting something too heavy shortly after my surgery). It was pretty noticeable, and so quite embarrassing, but with the Armor I look like I use to before the surgery! (With a shirt on anyway lol) Also, as most ostomates know, a car seatbelt isn’t always your friend, it can hurt and irritate your stoma, but the Armor helps so much with that, you can feel it up against the plate, but with no discomfort or pain! The plate is very resilient too, and when it’s struck the impact is lessened dramatically by the foam type padding which absorbs all of it. When hit hard enough you’ll feel the pressure in the padded area, but your stoma is completely unphased by it! In other words, it was worth every penny!!!

– Dave

My ostomy armor arrived yesterday.
I have been suffering with a hernia that is about 4 inches wide and comes out over 3 inches and my stoma reacts with it. I have seen it over three inches long, very wide and often bloody at the base. Since the hernia it has never been very healthy looking.

After one night I woke up to find that my hernia had completely retracted and my stoma is what I would consider it normal size again. As a current cancer patient it is such a relief to have my hernia not be one of the things I am dealing with. Up until now it has bothered me as much as the treatments themselves.

So far I am amazed with the product.

– Dave M