Why Ostomy Armor?

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Ostomy Armor Works

Ostomy Armor works like no other - Anyone with an ostomy, from toddlers to the elderly, will need to purchase Ostomy Armor products.  Whether you lead a "daredevil" lifestyle or are in a wheelchair or bed, Ostomy Armor works!  Whatever your lifestyle, whether you have one or two stomas, or one stoma and a hernia, our ostomy support belts and hernia support will restore your quality of life.  Our belts do not stretch, wear out, or cut in.  They are very concealable, comfortable, and offer superior protection.  

Our products solve problems such as:

Leaking barrier
Frequent barrier changes
Bag / pouch popping off or being pulled off
Associated skin irritations

It also eliminates pain caused by:

Shopping carts
Jumping dogs
Anything that can bump into your stoma

Ostomy Armor Works


The armor works by: Maintaining a consistent pressure on the barrier/baseplate/flange and maintaining the seal on the barrier The barrier is flat, and the abdomen is not - the barrier will not maintain a good seal unless there is something on top if it, holding that concentric pressure over the uneven abdomen. Most people have scar tissue that also causes the barrier to fail. 


The Armor provides: A protective shield against bumps and bangs.
A protective barrier.
Foam padding to absorb the impact
Without protecting the stoma, an accident could take you to the hospital. Our customers have survived being dragged along the ground and crashing from a motorcycle. Their Armor was unscathed and so were their stomas. When is an accident going to happen to you? 


The best way to reduce skin irritation is to: Reduce the amount of waste on the skin
Reduce the frequency of barrier changes
Reduce moisture around the barrier
Waste Wicks also aids in this by reducing the moisture in the area. As a result, you will prolong the life of the barrier and reduce the amount of irritation from frequent changes and using wipes. Other companies will try and sell you paste and other goop to help your barrier maintain the seal. When you add chemicals to irritated skin, it can only get worse. Chemicals, irritated skin and waste are not a good combination.


With Ostomy Armor in place, the bag cannot pop off. So whether you get tangled in the sheets, or waste makes the bag heavy, the bag cannot pop off. Many people believe that when the bag comes off, it's the fault of the bag. A heavy bag will come off unless it's held in place. 


Some customers with dementia (Alzheimers is one form of this) remove their bag at inconvenient times.  We can place the buckle of the Armor behind the back, so that only a caregiver can remove it to change the appliance. And with the Armor in place, the patient cannot pull the bag off. This process has been tested and proven! We do this and many other custom adjustments at no extra cost. 


When you  reduce the distance that your muscles can stretch and provide firm support, the likelihood of a hernia is reduced. If your muscles can stretch and bulge, so will the mechanisms that cause hernias. Our customers lift extremely heavy items on a regular and consistent basis (whether for work or fun).  After years and years of heavy lifting, customers do not report any hernias.   Many customers tell us that their existing hernia has reduced significantly after wearing the Armor. Anything stretchy will not prevent hernias. Most noteworthy, Ostomy Armor will NOT hurt your stoma.  People wear Ostomy Armor 24/7, which sharply reduces pain from bumps and does not put pressure on the stoma. We have not had any reports of pressure ulcers, and customers wear the Armor for years and years, day in and day out.  

If your nurse or doctor

Did not recommend the Armor
Told you it would not work
Said it looked or felt uncomfortable
Said it was bulky... ..you must ask yourself: Does your nurse or doctor live with a stoma on their side, day after day?  We truly understand life with an ostomy -- all our products were designed by a person with an ostomy who uses the products every day. We have hundreds of customers who will tell you that Ostomy Armor does work and is comfortable. These products have been tried and tested, and positively reviewed!   As with any product, your choices will determine what is important to you. If you value reducing the pain and leakage associated with a stoma, Ostomy Armor will provide years of support and assistance.  And Ostomy Armor truly lasts for years - for example, if you purchase the Heavy Duty model with a Cobra buckle, that amounts to .49 cents per day for a year.  Over two years, that’s 25 cents per day.  It does not stretch out of place or wear out, although many customers chose to overhaul their Armor after years of use.  And reducing the number of times you change your barrier will save you money. Who wouldn’t want to reduce pain and leaks, and save money too?

What's It Worth To You?

If you have questions, we have a F.A.Q. page you may find interesting as well.  Or, you may contact us.  

The proof is in the statistics. Looking for solutions? Ostomy Armor can help.

Ostomy Armor prevents the appliance from coming off. Buckles can be placed out of reach of the ostomate for caregiver access only. Using Ostomy Armor during bed changes or showers can prevent a mess. Ostomy armor will hold the appliance in place, even over a hernia. Its tim to remove the embarrassment possibilities for all ages by controlling leaks. Even easy open buckles can be added.


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See what others have to say about Ostomy Armor

  • My name is Dean, I am a Canadian Police Officer, father and husband. I live a very active lifestyle and like many people in my profession worked myself nearly to death. Being stubborn I ignored early warning signs and eventually fell very ill and was diagnosed with UC in 2017. The next full year was an extreme battle with the disease and my health deteriorated rapidly. I received emergency surgery to remove my colon in 2018 and ended up with an ileostomy. For a year of recovery I battled with my mental health and physical health under the weight of my world crashing down on me. While still in the early stages of recovery I discovered Ostomy Armor. I ordered one (Titanium Max) and started wearing it ASAP.  Wearing this product through my recovery boosted my confidence and allowed me to begin healing mentally allowing me to kick my physical fitness into high gear. 2019 I returned to work and have been since able to do the things  that are required of me in my profession as a police tactical team member. My Ostomy is a bit higher to allow me to wear my gun belt and wearing plates/body armor is no issue either.  Adapt and Overcome.
    Thank you Ostomy Armor for making such a great product. 
  • In 8 days I had no failures, no issues, no problems. I cannot tell you the last  time I’ve gone 8 days without any kind of problems, leaks, etc etc. I had a great week with everything doing its job perfectly! We were sweaty, dirty, climbing in, around, over, under, pushing, pulling, leaning on repeatedly you name it and had no issues. I cannot recall the last time I went days without worrying about the damn wafer, bag, etc etc. For me this was a big return to my old normal. Thanks so much for some great products! 
    Bryan Cohn
  • "Thank you for your product without it I don't know where I would be!!!  When I first found out the news was devastating and like anyone else I started thinking how can I still do my job. Still to this day, I can say that because of your product I am still able to do my every day functions as a police officer."
    Robert Kimbrough
  • Hi Gordon. I just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product. After my husband's surgery four years ago, he bought two belts from another company, but he was experiencing leaks which made him afraid to go places and do things such as ride his motorcycle. He needed to have a complete change of clothing with him when he went somewhere, in case he had a leak. He has been using Ostomy Armor for a couple of years now, and now he doesn't have leaks. What a relief! Thanks again!
    Barbara M

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